Mood Concepts & Storytelling

The “Circle” screenplay is based on the writer Ahmad Saleh’s experiences in Palestine where loss is ubiquitous. Both, writer and director, intend to tell a story how people experience and cope with extreme emotions like love, loss, and pain.

Thoughts and choice in our lives that still linger in our heads are reflected in “Circle”. The film aims to tell all these feelings in a way that everyone can identify with.


Warm colors, real world settings and computer generated pictures, long and soft tracking shots as well as harsh and static cuts define the particular narrative style of “Circle”. The visual concept focuses on the discrepancy between reality and memories by melting computer generated pictures with real world settings. Strong warm and cold color contrasts reinforce these seemingly crashing worlds. Thus, “Circle” creates an individual narrative style through visual effects and highly emotional, real world shots.

10505545_587317804716238_6034986238440100361_nThe female protagonist is haunted by the painful memory of her lost loved one. The past is visualized in bubbles that surround and follow her. Moreover, everything around her in the present reminds her of her pain. Then flashbacks take her back to moments with the beloved and tragically lost person. Thus, she cannot escape the past which is so much more comforting and beautiful than the cold loveless present. This is visualized by color contrasts: the flashbacks and bubbles are edited in warm and smooth colors, her home and the landscape is depicted cold and dark.